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Lake Victoria

lake victoria

Lake Victoria is the largest of the Great African Lakes, and it is also the second-largest freshwater lake on the planet. The lake is the mighty River Nile source, which empties its water into the Red Sea. Lake Victoria is ideal for relaxation and pleasure-filled lake vacation. It’s located in western Kenya. There are scheduled flights to Kisumu City, which is home to the lake, and it takes about 40 minutes from Maasai Mara and about 1 hour from Nairobi to the lakeside city. These conveniences make it an ideal option when planning your Kenyan safari. The vast lake and its settings offer the bird watchers a paradise because of the lake’s plentiful avian life. Along the shores of Lake Victoria are beautiful fishing villages of the dominant Luo tribe. The villagers mostly spend their time sailing in traditionally made boats, fishing, and taking care of their families. Paying a visit to their humble villages will make you taste these wonderful native people’s true African hospitality.

Lake Victoria is shared between three countries, namely Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. The Kenyan section is the smallest, but it offers more fun and experience than the other remaining parts. It is a haven for everyone, be it a cultural explorer, birder, paleontology, angler, rock art enthusiast, or some who wants a good time at Lake Victoria. There is something for everyone’s satisfaction. Some of the popular activities in the lake are fishing and birdwatching. More than 350 bird species have been sighted and recorded here; some are migratory while others are residents, being endemic to Lake Victoria. Birdwatching while on foot is a fun activity in Kenya, but watching it from the lakeside gives it another twist because you can see these colorful birds by boat, allowing you to get close to them as they feed. The Lake offers you the opportunity to catch your game fish and go home with some great satisfaction. There are several fish species, with Nile perch taking the lead, with some growing up to six-foot-long and can weigh up to 300 pounds.

The lake has a vast, interesting history about Lake Victoria’s human inhabitants and those from the past. To completely enjoy most of these intriguing pieces of history, ensure you visit the local villages and take a walk to the hidden caves and their scribbled walls with rock art. Also, don’t miss the fascinating tour to archeological sites when pursuing the lake’s earliest dwellers’ mysteries and many more. Every culture in Kenya is unique and interesting, so is the Luo culture. You will get the opportunity to learn about their way of life during your village tour. In Mfangano Island, there is a rock painting that is over 1,000 years old. It is a painting of Batwa people alleged to have been used later by the Suba tribe. Paintings that look like this one has also been found in Zambia, Congo, Guinea, Uganda, Gabon, and other sites that are recognized by the Trust for African Rock Art. Louis and Mary Leakey did a recommendable job on paleontology, which is evident to date, the site is known worldwide for its primate and another fossil.

How to get to Lake Victoria

There are two options to get to Kisumu from Nairobi. Flying is usually the best way, and it takes 1 hour 11 mins to get there. The cost of the round ticket is $95-$180. Another option is by road, which usually takes up to 8 hours.


In Lake Victoria, guests have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of hotels and lodges. Different tiers are specifically made to match your budget and to put into consideration your comfort. Below are the lodges and camps that are found in Lake Victoria.

Rusinga Island Resort- Safari tier 2 is found on a private island, and it has 10 rooms, which can accommodate up to 27 guests.

Canon Jacob Ombara Guest House- Safari tier 3 has 20 rooms and a capacity of 40.

Pinecone Hotel- Safari tier 3, sleeps 132

Grand Royal Swiss Hotel– Safari tier 3, sleeps 250

The Vic Hotel Kisumu– Safari tier 2, sleeps 304

Kiboko Bay Resort– Safari tier 3, it has 10 rooms and accommodates up to 22 guests.

Kisumu Beach Resort- Safari tier 2, sleeps 20

Parkview Safari Hotel and Apartment- Safari tier 3, it has 32 rooms, sleeps 64.

Rock Resort Hotel- Safari tier 2, sleeps 106 in 55 rooms.

Jumuia Resorts Kisumu– Safari tier 3, sleeps 128 in 68 rooms.

The mentioned hotels and resorts above are just our top picks, but more hotels in the lake can offer great accommodation.

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