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Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is a freshwater lake found along the Great Rift Valley. The lake is about 13km across, with shallow waters with an average depth of five meters and fringed by thick papyrus. The lake’s area depends on the amount of rainfall the area receives, but the average area of the lake is usually between 114 and 991 sq. km. Lake Naivasha, at the start of the 20th Century, completely dried up and disappeared. The results were an open land where people cultivated, but a few years later, when the heavy rains came, it caused the lake to form again, consuming the newly established estates. During afternoons, storms and winds cause the lake to become abruptly rough and can produce high waves. This is why the local community, the Maa people, named the lake Nai’posha, meaning ‘rough water.’ The lake and the area surrounding it are rich in natural abundance, and the soil is fertile and regular water supply making it one of Kenya’s leading agriculture zone. The lake is surrounded by the yellow barked Acacia, which is in abundance, and the tree is also known as the yellow fever tree.

Lake Naivasha also boasts of the highest lake in the Great Rift Valley, and it is at 1884m above sea level. When the sun strikes the surface, it looks like a vast, sunlit sea. Do not be satisfied with the lovely blue lake only, because there is more to this lake than you can imagine. There is a wonderful ride, where you get to watch zebras and giraffes as you sip a glass of delicious Rift Valley red, also look for hippos on the lake, and when the day is almost over, you can enjoy the sundowner at Elsamere. It is the home of the late Born Free Personality Joy Adamson. Lake Naivasha is a few hours’ drive from Nairobi and a perfect get away from the city’s choked arteries. The area is so popular that you can miss a spot during the weekends because of the revelers who flocked there.

The forest around the lake is home to diverse birdlife, with over 500 species recorded. This has made Naivasha be known worldwide as a world-class birding destination. The fresh waters of the lakes also attract a great diversity of game towards its shores. You will find giraffes wandering among the acacia, buffaloes wallowing the swamps, and the beautiful colobus monkeys swinging and calling from the treetops. The hippos normally sleep in the shallows during the day. The lake’s vicinity is worth visiting; Hells Gate National Park is one of them; it is a few kilometers from the lake and can be combined as one trip. Also, lake Nakuru is nearby.

How to Get to Lake Naivasha

By road: The most suitable way to get to Lake Naivasha is a part of a tour group that offers a round-trip from where you are. Another option is to take a two hours bus journey from Nairobi. The town has accommodation that fits your pocket.

By air: The flight distance from Nairobi to the lake is about 116 km. The flights are taken from Wilson Airport in Nairobi and lands on the airstrip that is located in Naivasha. Travel agents, lodges, and camps can organize airport transfers for you to and fro


In Lake Naivasha, there is a wide range of accommodation that fits your next holiday in Kenya. Different tiers are tailor made to suit your budget and consider your comfort. Below are the lodges and camps that are found in Lake Naivasha.

Lake Naivasha Country Club- Safari tier 2

Astorian Grand Hotel- Safari tier 3

Enashipai Span and Resort- Safari tier 3

Fina Garden Resort- Safari tier 2

Crayfish Camp- Safari tier 3

Naivasha Treehouse- Safari tier 2

Fisherman’s Camp- Safari tier 2

Three Ways Hotel and Restaurant- Safari tier 2

Ol-Joto Cottages- Safari tier 2

Hexagon Farm Lodge- Safari tier 3

Dafina Holiday Cottage Safari tier 2

Naivasha Simba Lodge- Safari tier 2

Jaza Naivasha Resort- Safari tier 2

Lake Naivasha Panorama Park Hotel- Safari tier 3

Mount Longonot Lodge- Safari tier 3

Triple Eden Resort- Safari tier 2

Masada Hotel- Safari tier 3

Dove Nest Lodge- Safari tier 3

Twiga House- Safari tier 3

Taphe Guest House- Safari tier 2

Eseriani The Hotel- Safari tier 3

The Pot At Panda- Safari tier 2

Great Rift valley Lodge and Golf Resort- Safari tier 2

Naivasha has a lot of accommodation facilities available that fit whatever budget you may have.

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