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Lake Bogoria


Lake Bogoria, which is also a National Reserve, gives you a Kenyan bush experience all year round. The near-perfect climate, usually seasonal rains with moderate temperatures, will surely make your experiences worth your dime. The weather generally (dry and wet seasons) mirrors what is commonly experienced in other parts of Kenya. However, there are times that the reserve experiences an abnormal weather pattern of long rains; this usually happens around July and August. The best time to visit the reserve is from July to October, which is cool and dry. The little rainfall scales down the available drinking water to animals. Hence, the wildlife gathers around the remaining waterholes, making a spectacular show. This time of the year matches the summer breaks typically, so there is an expected surge of enthused visitors.

If planning to visit Lake Bogoria, you should note that it is at the higher elevations around the reserves where the cooler temperatures can be mainly experienced. Our recommendation would be when packing, remembers to pack a fleece or a jacket for your treks in high elevation grounds in the reserve. The short rains are experienced in November and December, it starts sprinkling towards October. It is important to note that in equatorial Kenya, when it rains, it evaporates rapidly. So, the rain cannot disturb any activity to any harmful extent because the roads and paths remain passable despite the downpour.
The short and dry season is usually around January and February, traditionally marred with short spells of showers on some days. Long rains generally start towards the end of March and last till June. With these heavy rains, renewed life comes to the Lake in the form of lush grass in the plains, and wild animals beget newborns, especially antelopes. However, when the water levels become too high, the entire lakes’ ecological balance becomes affected, making the road and trail conditions deteriorate.

With the change in water levels, the geysers may be below the lake surface. The Lake’s chemistry is altered by these high-water levels, which usually change food sources’ richness. The beautiful flamingoes usually flock to the Lake when water levels are low, generally from the end of August to the beginning of October just before the onset of short rains. When considering your vacation in Kenya with us, note that the holidays are the most popular time for the residents to visit the Lake. April, May, and June are the seasons that are considered to be low at Lake Bogoria National Reserve. If you prefer solitude, this is the best time to plan your safari to the Lake. In general, Lake Bogoria has fewer visitors worldwide compared with the nearby lakes, Naivasha and Nakuru.

How to get to Lake Bogoria

Lake Bogoria National Reserve is 155mi/250km from Nairobi. The Lake is usually visited as a side trip from Nakuru. The beautiful flamingoes that usually flocked in Lake Nakuru left the Lake for Lake Bogoria due to the unstable conditions in L Nakuru. You have many options, either to rent a car or join a safari from Nairobi. The main entrance to the reserve is the southern one, and it is located 38km or 23mi north of Nakuru town; here, a 4WD vehicle is needed.

During your dream trip to Africa, accommodation is one of the critical factors; for now, we recommend Lake Bogoria Spa Resort. This hotel can serve the guest that are coming in internationally at a minimal level. The spa is designated as level 3 value lodging. In this setting, you will get amenities and services in fair standards. Staying in these beautiful rooms will bring you to the proximity of the Lake’s beauty, which includes geysers, birds, shores, and much more. The resort has 20 tents that are great for backpackers, 22 standard rooms, 30 suites that are junior level, six executive suites, and 37 cottages. Tents are found in the resort’s private ground. The rooms have amenities like mini-bars, satellite tv, oversized bathrooms, among many more.

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