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Aberdare Forest


The Aberdare ranges are ranking third in the highest ranges of mountains that are found in Kenya. The summit is at 4000 m, the huge range is renowned for its forest which is extremely thick and salient, and also its prolific wildlife.

These forests which are found in high altitude are disrupted by plains and moorlands, and right beyond the plentiful tree cover and behold lies the magnificent views of Rift Valley and the snowy peak of the equatorial Mt Kenya. The forest is a secret haven of wildlife, with the thick cover of vegetation providing a pristine cover for thousands of vulnerable species abiding in the forest.

As the huge herds of Buffalo and Elephant moves nearly silently through the undergrowth, overhead the birds are chirping and making noises while the canopy is dominated by colobus monkeys.

The forest comes to live at night, with the distant cry of hyrax and the unique rasping growl of leopard that echoes through the forest. The Aberdares Ranges is equipped with two “Tree Hotel”, which is a distinctive lodge that are set high in the canopies that are located just right above the natural salt licks and waterholes. The night fall ushers in a wonderful procession of wildlife to the clearings, and these processions seems unending.

This is the best opportunity for visitors to have unobstructed view of wildlife properly. For sure spending night at the Aberdares Ranges is one of the unforgettable experiences. The huge herds of Elephant fill the waterholes, after taking their drink they slowly fade way into the lush forest.

The buffalo bulls are protective of their territories, and fights often breaks out between the alpha males, theses fights are usually spectacular. The Genets cats who are very sleek comes down from the trees and move stealthily through the lodge’s hall ways. Once in a while the Bongo antelope which is rare to sight or a Rhino appears, and pay the crucial visit to the waterhole.

The park offers refuge to a number of wildlife making it one of the funs filled safari destinations for you to get out of familiar surroundings to a magical world of nature. Apart from the best opportunity it presents when it comes to game viewing, Aberdares is also best site for hiking, picnic tours and trout fishing at its spectacular crystal-clear stream. The camping is made even more fun because it is at the moorlands. The park also provides goodies for the bird watchers, the park boasts of more than 290 bird species. Other activities include trout fishing in Chania and Karuru Rivers. The is also amazing hike to table mountains, twin hills, and Elephant hills, or even take a walk via the moorland. The park is also the location where Princess Elizabeth of UK ascended to the throne after her father passed on in 1952.

To explore Aberdares Ranges you may use foot or vehicle. the trekking trails are available across the moorlands, and throughout the forests. Days spent here will proof to be one of the best Kenyan hiking expeditions because of the unmatched experiences. At the foothills of the Aberdares the terrain is perfect for horseback exploration. The clean crystal-clear streams that flows from the mountain have Trout in abundance. The park is also a great place for waterfalls.

In a location which is not far from Aberdares, there is more magnificent falls along the range, and Thompson’s Falls at Nyahururu have become one of the popular stopovers for a lot of visitors.

How to Get To Aberdare Ranges

To get to Aberdare Ranges, there is two options, by road and by air.

By road:

The location of Aberdare National Park is north of Nairobi, about 160 kms or 100 mi away, 20 km or 13 miles southwest of Nanyuki town. Driving from Nairobi to Aberdares usually takes 3 to 4 hours depending on the weathers and traffic.

By air:

The park is always serviced with scheduled daily flights that lands in Nanyuki airstrip. Getting to Nairobi from Aberdare is easy as this is one of the largest transport hubs in Africa. International flights lands in Jomo Kenyatta International Airport code (NBO), which is located 15km or 9 miles southeast of Nairobi city. There are also more affordable airstrips that are commercial like Nyeri and Mweiga that are readily available for charter flights to take you to area near the protected area headquarters.

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