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Mount Longonot Hike


Rising from the roots of The Great Rift Valley, Mount Longonot is a beautiful and amazing inactive volcano that stands as a backdrop to the area of Lake Naivasha, a very beautiful landscape. It has and height of 2776 above sea level, so climber the mountain dives the hiker and interesting and inspiring challenge. It is one of the best locations in Kenya for getting magnificent and best views. Mount Longonot climbing is one of the popular activities when visiting Kenya.

When visiting the mountain remember to carry those hiking boots, but don’t also forget the sunscreen, well it is not that expensive to visit the Kenya’s less visited conservancy parks and explore this dormant volcanic structure. The aim or goal of every climber is to reach the rim of Mt Longonot. To culminate your visit to the mountain, a beautiful optional boat ride awaits you in the nearby Lake Naivasha.

The protected wildlife areas in Kenya include the Kenya national reserves and national parks. In Kenya, there are 54 existing national parks, and numerous private sanctuaries and conservancies right across the country. The national parks in Kenya are known worldwide for the famous African safari. It is no wonder that Kenya is the most popular destination for many visitors who wants a real vacation in an African style. Mt Longonot is administered by Kenya Wildlife Services and is one of the best locations for hikers.

The average time a person can use to climb to the rim and back is about a total of 5 hours. Mount Longonot a dormant volcanic mountain, lastly erupted in 1863. When it last erupted, the lava flows went to the northern sides of the mountain. With the height reaching 2,776 m, climbing Mount Longonot is not an easy feat. But with adventurous heart and a decent level of fitness, you will be rewarded with the stunning views of the Great Rift Valley.

What makes the park more popular is the scenic views of Lake Naivasha that comes into view as you ascend. The birds of prey frequent this location so much. The Kenya Wildlife Services mans the mountain which is characterized with the immense volcanic mountains, lakes and craters that dots the landscape giving a beautiful feature ripping to this part of the continent. One day accommodation can be organized at the base, but for better accommodation Lake Naivasha is nearby. 

How to get to Mount Longonot

When using public means from Nairobi, take Naivasha bound matatus from Nyamakima Stage that drives through Mai Mahiu route and alight at Longonot Station. There numerous motorbike taxis (bodaboda) that can take you from here to the park’s entrance.

If driving, the shortest route is taking the lower escarpment road that is frequent by the trucks. This stretch will take you past an old Catholic that was built by Italian POW (Prisoners of War), and it is said to be the smallest church in Kenya. As you go further down Mai Mahiu road past Mai Mahiu town, Longonot entrance starts to come in to view. You should turn left before reaching the railway bridge that is located in Longonot Center. Follow the KWS signage posted dirt road that is parallel to the railway road, and drive off to the entrance which is about 4kms away.

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