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Selenkay Conservancy


Amboseli national park shares its boundaries with Selenkay conservancy which is a prominent home for wildlife.

Selenkay Conservation is a large wildlife area located 16 kilometers north of the northern border of Amboseli National Park, this conservation shares a similar ecosystem with Amboseli National Park which covers an area of ​​15,000 acres of land. Selenkay Conservation is known as one of the largest community conservation pioneers in Kenya, as a way to promote, encourage and conserve wildlife and nature that was established Selenkay Conservation on land leased to the Maasai local who owned it. Although the primary purpose of creating Selenkay Conservation is to protect and encourage wildlife conservation, it also aims to create a way for the local community, mainly occupied by the Maasai, to make a living as an alternative to agriculture.

Before the official gazetting of the Selenkay conservation animals used to migrate from the Amboseli National Park to the lands occupied by local Maasai communities, these animals ended up being killed by the Maasai for fear of causing them danger and destroying their agricultural land. With the creation of Selenkay Conservancy, it is observed that migratory animals make use of Selenkay Conservancy as their new home after migrating from Amboseli National Park, recently an increase in the animal population in the Selenkay Conservancy has increased, especially elephants.

For the purpose of tourism mainly to facilitate safaris in the Selenkay reserve, roads have been established in the heart of the ancient Maasai land currently occupied by the conservation of Selenkay and a camp has been established to offer accommodation to tourists visiting the reserve. The camp set up in the Selenkay reserve and open to guests is set up  that is Porini Amboseli Camps and is part of the Porini Camp group. Porini Amboseli camp is located in the remote Selenkay Conservation location, a place with fewer tracks, which means fewer vehicles, which means that animals witness fewer vehicles, promoting a natural habitat for them.

Porini Amboseli Camp does most of the activities in Selenkay Conservation and on a safari to this destination you get rangers, trackers, and things from the camp.

Wildlife in Selenkay conservancy


The Selenkay Conservancy is an inhabitant of many fascinating wildlife species that are easy to see while in the reserve, such as Amboseli National Park. The Selenkay Conservancy is made up of a reasonable population of elephants which are seen in large numbers. Other animals in the Selenkay Conservancy include bat-eared foxes, zebras,  lions, cheetahs, mongooses, giraffes, Thomson and Grant’s gazelles,  yellow baboons, porcupines,  naked and spotted hyenas, porcupines, jackals, civets, servals, and many more.


Selenkay Conservation is a great home for numerous bird species such as the blue-cheeked bee-eater, martial eagle, lesser flamingo, gray-crowned crane, and many more.

Game drive

Selenkay conservation safaris take place in the beautiful wilderness of conservation while driving carefully marked trails, while on these paths you have a clear view of the animals roaming the flat plains that dominate Selenkay conservation. These animals include lions, cheetahs and leopards, bat-eared foxes, mongooses, porcupines, giraffes, Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelles, lesser kudu, gerenuk and yellow baboon, and many more. Selenkay conservancy safaris are offered in three sessions which are day, evening and night safaris, these safaris are led by a professional Masai guide from Porini Amboseli camp.

Guided nature walks

One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of the Selenkay Conservancy is the guided nature walks which are led by a knowledgeable and experienced Masai guide, the guided nature walks offer you a beautiful experience seeing many animals and the beautiful nature of the park.

Community visit 

There are Masai communities living on the borders of Amboseli National Park and Selenkay Conservation, after a safari or nature walk in Selenkay Conservation you can choose to join the cultural community visit in the Masai community. During a visit to the Masai community, you can enjoy the beautiful culture of the Masai people, including cultural dances, traditional songs and a unique local dress code, and learn more about the Masai people by interacting with them.

Another activity at the Selenkay Conservancy is sunsets

How to get to Selenkay conservancy

Selenkay Conservancy is 175 kilometers from Nairobi city by road, 4 to 5 hours drive, as a safari tourist you can reach Selenkay Conservancy by road and air. Nairobi-Mombasa is used by road via the Emali route, by plane there are domestic charter flights from Wilson Airport to Selenkay Airstrip.

Where to stay in Selenkay conservancy

As you go for a safari in Selenkay conservancy accommodation is got from numerous accommodation lodges and camps which intend to offer comfortable stay to you, accommodation facilities include Porini Amboseli camp, Gamewatchers adventure camp, Amboseli eco-camp, Penuel plaza hotel,  kimana Amboseli camp, Masai Simba camp, Satao Elerai camp.

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