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Abasuba Community Peace Museum

The Abasuba Community Peace Museum, which opened its doors in 2000 and is located in Ramba, Waware, Suba North District, Homa Bay County, Kenya, was established to promote peace.

The Abasuba community Peace Museum employs seven full-time employees and more than twenty part-time employees who work at the rock art sites nearby. This museum also serves as a research center for students, doctors, professors, and other relevant intellectuals interested in studying archaeological sites in the Lake Victoria region and the general public.

When it comes to drawing attention and visitors to rock art sites, there are some unique hurdles. Accessible and unrecorded locations, preliminary study and knowledge, a lack of security against damage, and unregulated tourism are all examples of these issues. Managed tourism in the Suba District may create jobs and have a favorable impact on the local economy. This contributes to enhancing local pride and the preservation of the area’s unique heritage.

It was in 2007 that TARA was awarded a grant from the Kenyan Tourism Trust Fund (TTF) to raise awareness of rock art and promote it as a tourist attraction, as well as to protect and enhance sites in a way that will lead to an improvement in the overall quality of life in the Suba District. Training, improved infrastructure, which includes a new museum and community center, and persistent and imaginative marketing are all being used to attain this goal. Nairobi-based architect Phillip Okello of Urban Design Associates was tasked with creating the design for the new museum. Gloria Borona, a project officer at TARA, is in charge of overseeing the project.

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