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Malindi Museum

The Malindi Museum is a museum in the Kenyan town of Malindi. The Malindi Coelacanth, a famous Malindi Coelacanth, is one of the museum’s temporary displays.

The museum is housed in the House of Columns, a two-story structure built-in 1891. It has a terraced roof and porch, and it served as Malindi’s first hospital for many years. A colonnade with five round pillars may be found on the east front. The building’s architecture is comparable to the former Malindi District Commissioner building built in 1890. The House of Columns was donated to the National Museum of Kenya in 1999. After a repair, it reopened as a museum in 2004.

Since 2009, the Ethnographic Museum of Coastal Kenya has been housed in the Malindi District Commissioner office.

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