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Kerio Valley National Reserve

Kerio Valley National Reserve is a protected region in Kenya’s Kerio Valley, part of the Great Rift Valley. Its home to a wide variety of wildlife. The Kenya Wildlife Service manages the reserve, which covers an area of 66 square kilometers (25 square miles). It was established in 1983.

The Kerio Valley is a secluded valley between the Cherangani Hills and the Turgen Hills in Kenya.

It is possible to reach elevations of more than 1,830 meters (6,000 feet) above the valley floor on the Elgeyo Escarpment. The valley has a depth of 4,000 feet (1,200 meters). The mountainsides are covered with semi-tropical vegetation, while the valley floor is covered in dry thorn bushes. The best relaxing time of the year is between July and August when the rains have stopped and the temperatures are not too high.

The reserve is located on the west bank of the Kerio River, which is home to crocodiles. In contrast, the Lake Kamnarok National Reserve is located on the east bank. The reserve boasts spectacular scenery as well as an abundance of birds. Although camping in the bush surrounding Lake Kamnarok was permitted in 2006, there were no fees and no facilities available. Following the establishment of the reserve, there was an increase in the animal population, including elephants. Some crops and beehives in the area were damaged due to this. The majority of the people are comprised of Kalenjin herders.

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