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VISA Arrangement

With the advent of closer co-operation between governments and countries, there is a movement of goods and men between and among countries on a scale never witnessed before. People are migrating to other countries in search of greener pastures. Passport and visa are essential requirements for people migrating to other countries.

People from developing countries, skilled and unskilled, are now immigrating to the more developed countries in search of jobs and a better way of life. With the economies beginning to boom and jobs becoming available, there is an ever-increasing demand for labor, part of which comes from foreign nationals willing to settle down and work in an alien country.

Gone are the days when information was limited and hard to find about immigration and providers of immigration services. Now there are many governmental and private service providers that specialize in handling the entire process from applying for a passport, visa to settling the immigrant in his new home in a new country.

The process of immigration is an area where consultancy is absolutely essential. A number of immigration consultants not only help the potential immigrant to identify the country to migrate to but also help him/her find a job. With their contacts and knowledge they make it easier for an immigrant to land and settle in an alien land. They also help provide immigrants in naturalization services that are essential for an immigrant to learn and know the local language, customs, and traditions.

Students looking to pursue their studies in foreign universities can make use of consultants who specialize in placing students in universities abroad. Help is also made available in terms of arranging for scholarships and finding part-time jobs that help sustain a student during the period of study. In this section, we provide you a list of consultants and governmental agencies involved in providing help and information pertaining to obtaining passports and visas.